Saturday, August 7, 2010


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When people come to visit we always hit the International District. Our last trip on Chinese New Year was fabulous, and we decided to photograph one of our favorite places to eat.

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Welcome to our beloved Kau Kau located at 656 S King Street Seattle, Wa 98104. Hands down the best bbq duck and pork we have ever had.

Here's what we usually order:

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The best duck EVER. They have this kind of marmelade sauce to dip it in. It's goooooood.
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Fried Rice
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Hong Kong Cho Mein is the way to go. We love the crunchy noodles and the bok choy is cooked perfectly.

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Chinese BBQ (Aaron's Fav). The spicy mustard and sesame seeds add superior flavor to this already superior main course.
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The atmosphere at Kau Kau is what you would expect, which doesn't matter because the food is great and the prices are even better. We love getting the "round table" where we order everything family-style. The portions are large... so the items listed above serve at least 4 people.

Another restaurant definitely worth mentioning:

Sea Garden. Honey Walnut Prawns. Enough said. It's located at 509 7th Ave South Seattle, Wa 98104

The way we get our groove on:

We park at Uwajimaya because this store is AMAZING. They have anything Asian. And I mean ANYTHING. We literally "tour" the aisles when people come into town, and inevitably pick some ingredients up on the way out. Their food court is pretty fab in itself, ranging from Thai to Chinese to Japanese to Hawaiian. Fun quick fixes fo-sho. After we have eaten we head on back through the store and buy whatever rice or ingredients we need and then get our parking validated.  If you have ingredients to pick up, then parking here during your visit to Chinatown is the way to go.

I'm sure we'll be posting more restaurants later...but here's our faves for now!
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