Wednesday, September 15, 2010 DEAL!

hello 5 people who read this.

This week Rowdy and I heard about a killer deal on  Normally, they always have about 50% off.  But right NOW you can get, like, 70% off.  Basically, we got a bunch of $25 coupons for 4 bucks. must have done the math--we actually got ours at 83% off last week.  But 70% is still rock'n for you, right?

Can we say DATE NIGHT?

It's nationwide, people!

Here's how we did it.  Go to and browse what restaurants interest you.  Most have either $10 or $25 coupons for you to buy.  Remember to read the fine print though.  Usually when you get the $25 coupon for 10 bucks, you are required to spend $35-50 in the restaurant for that coupon to be validated. (Still, that's going to be tons off your bill.)

Here's where this awesome deal comes in.

When your cart is filled up with all the places you want to buy, type in SPORK for the promo code.  It's good until September 19th.

We literally paid only 40 bucks for (15) $25 coupons.  Let's add that up, shall we?  Uh-oh...I don't have a calculator.  Let's just say it's pretty awesome.

TIP:  We searched for restaurants near by and then went to YELP for the ratings.  We only got ones that were  3.5+ stars..and are SO excited to try them out.

You'll be hearing about it soon!

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