Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hey! Italian Sandwich

What? A post so soon?  In the same month as another?  I know.  Unbelievable. Just call yourself lucky today!  It's 10/10/10 after all!

Rowdy found this place on YELP (which is our favorite thing ever these days to find reviews for restaurants near by) and we will be forever grateful.  I have been itch'n to go since we heard about it...and finally...we did just that.

Hey Paison!  located at 641 SW 152nd St. Burien, Wa 98166

I love you like a meatball loves marinara.  With garlic bread on the side.  And a slice of cheesecake for dessert.  Just say'n.

PROS:  So so many. The reviews are spot on.  Terrific meatball sandwich.  I am from the East coast and I absolutely loved coming here.  Homemade cheesecake in a glass case while meatball sauce drips down your chin can bring tears to a girl where I am from. Good tears, that is.

The sausage is shipped straight from New Jersey and I spotted a Dr. Brown's root beer in the fridge.  Huzzah.  I also heard that their Philly cheese steak is A*May* we'll have to check out the comparison to our newest Philly love next time we head over.

CONS:  They are only open until 6pm on weekdays and 7pm on weekends.  Kinda kills date night around here.  A lunch date with children, perhaps?  They actually provide FREE pasta for the kiddos for eat-in dining. I was lamenting about those hours since I basically work during them, but Rowdy cheered me up by saying that it must be amazing if they can afford to close down shop so early. He was right.

PS *I think there are a total of 4 come prepared to grab and go if you are in a rush.

PPS* My son had to run to the bathroom while we were there and took FOREVER (he didn't have a nap and we certainly paid for it that night.)  I left one last bite at the table and when I came back all the food was boxed and ready for take-out. last bite was no where to be found.  No one will admit who did it, either.  Let's just say I won't make the same mistake twice.

PPPS* The gal at the counter totally hit on Rowdy while I was away.  Marinara with a boost of self-esteem?  Could we get it to go, please?

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